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Drop-off and Pick-up Information

These are our procedures for drop-off and pick-up.  Please take a few minutes to read so you are prepared when you arrive.


Click here for Sale Schedule to see specific Drop-off and Pick-up Dates and Times.


Before You Come to Drop-off

  • Prepare your items using the guidelines provided by Jack & Jill/Sweet Repeats.  Click here for Prepping Your Items.
  • Organize and bundle your clothing by gender and size.  It will make putting up your clothes so much faster and easier!
  • Check to make sure accessories and loose parts are firmly attached to items you are selling together.
  • Make sure to bring any necessary tools if you have to assemble furniture, cribs, equipment, etc.
  • Double check that all of your items have a tag securely attached.
  • Make sure your non-hanging items are marked with a tag and it is firmly attached to the item.  No tape can cover the barcode on the tag or it will not scan at checkout.
  • Drop-off will take approximately 45-60 minutes , so please plan accordingly. 
  • All consignors are required to schedule a drop-off appointment! Please email: or call 616-450-8140 to secure your appointment. 

When You Arrive

  • When you arrive, check-in at the consignor registration desk to complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Here you will receive your Pre-Sale Passes.  Consignors receive a Pre-Sale Pass, a Guest Pass, and a Consignor Half-Price Sale Pass.  Volunteers receive a Pre-Sale Pass, a Guest Pass, and a Volunteer Half-Price Sale Pass.
  • You may also purchase an additional Guest Pass for the Consignor Pre-Sale for $25.


Item Inspection

  • After all of your items are inside the building, someone from our inspection team will inspect your items.

NOTE:  It is here that we will also look at your tags to make sure they are pinned properly,printed correctly per the requirements, on card stock and also check your barcodes to make sure they will scan properly. 

  • You may be given back items that we cannot accept.  Please do not be offended if we return something to you.  It is very easy to miss a stain or small hole while tagging.
  • After your items are inspected, a volunteer/inspection team member will direct you to place the items on the sales floor.
  • You are finished with check-in once all of your items have been placed on the sales floor.


Before You Leave

  • Make sure you have your Passes.
  • Make sure you have any tubs or storage bins that you brought.
  • Please tell everyone about the sale and share our Facebook posts! 



  • All items need to be picked up from the building on the designated pick-up time.  If you cannot pick-up your items, someone else may come in your place, get your items, and sign for your check.  That person must know your consignor number in order to get your items and your check. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  • All items will be sorted for you.  Our volunteers will be out on the floor to collect your items for you.
  • Consignor checks will be available for pick-up as well.  **Please cash your checks within 2 weeks of pick-up to assist us with accounting and banking details.**
  • Don’t forget to check the Lost & Found and Items with Missing Tags area.
  • Jack & Jill/Sweet Repeats is not responsible for missing items.
  • *** Due to high demand we are now donating unsold items!!*** If you would like to donate your unsold items please let us know at drop-off and we will make arrangements to mail your check!

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