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How to Consign


Cleaning out your family’s closets has never been so fun!  Our seasonal consignment sale is a great way to earn money by selling the things your children no longer use or wear.  Participation is simple!  Consignor’s price and tag items and then bring them to the sale during drop-off times.  Jack & Jill/Sweet Repeats does the rest!  We also do all the advertising and promotion for you too! Let us walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. This will help you get a feel for Jack & Jill/Sweet Repeats before you get started!


Sign Up: Get Your Number

You must have a consignor number to consign. Register your profile with MyConsignment Manager to get one now. You will be asked for your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and password.  You will then choose your consignor number.


Gather Your Items

Our Consignors must bring a minimum of 25 acceptable items to sell. See Acceptable Items.

There is no limit on the maximum number of items a Consignor can bring. However, you ARE limited to the number of items you can bring in some categories:

  • Infant Sleepers: A maximum of  5 groups (2-5 sleepers can be hung together to make a group)
  • Size 0 -18 months clothing must be in sets – NO single tops or bottoms.
  • Shoes: No limit.
  • **Juniors: 10 top limit for Girls size 8 thru Girls Junior 18 (due to space)
  • **Juniors: 5 Jean limit for Boys & Girls (due to space)
  • Maternity: A maximum of 8 items will be accepted.

Clothing must be in excellent condition. Please launder and iron them. If your items do not smell fresh or look especially wrinkled & worn, they will not be accepted. Please remember, this is not a garage sale.


Tag & Price Your Items

Follow the tagging & pricing instructions closely or if you have any questions visit our Prepping Your Items page.  It is required that you use our online tagging program.  No handwritten or paper tags will be accepted.


Drop-off/Check-in Your Items

Please allow 45-60 minutes for your check-in depending on the time of day and the quantity of items you bring.  The beginning of each day and the end of each day are the busiest so please be patient.  We will cut off the line before the end of the day, so please do not wait until the last minute to drop-off or you may be turned away.

**NO OPEN DROP_OFF** All consignors MUST make an appointment to drop their items off.   Please contact Becca @ 616-450-8140 or sweetrepeatsconsignments17@gmail to secure your time slot!

At check-in we inspect all items for quality, proper hanging and tagging. Please do not take it personally if some of your items are not accepted. This is the hardest volunteer job there is! Any items not accepted can be taken home or lovingly donated to Goodwill.

You will be asked to hang your clothes on the racks in the correct location for the size and gender. Please bring your clothes in size and gender order—this will greatly decrease your drop-off time.  Our volunteers will be available to help if you have any questions.


Shop the Sale

Each consignor receives one Pre-Sale Pass and one Guest Pass to shop before the sale opens to the public. One adult is allowed per pass. You will also receive a Half-Price Pass to shop our discount days before the public.  Each consignor can purchase an additional Guest Pass for $25.  Be sure to bring your children’s measurements with you.

**No children under age 16 permitted during Pre-Sale. Please make other arrangements for your children during this time.** This is YOUR time to enjoy shopping and be rewarded for all your hard work as a consignor! 


Your Profit

You receive 70% of the selling price. There is also a $14 registration fee deducted from your earnings at the end of the sale.


Pick Up Unsold Items

All your unsold items will be sorted into your individual consignor number for pick-up at the end of the sale.  Your consignor check will also be available on pick-up day.

For a complete list of all the specific sale dates and times, Click here.

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