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Volunteer FAQs


Can anyone sign up as a volunteer and attend the Pre-Sale?

You must be a consignor in order to volunteer.  Please see our Volunteer Benefits for details.


Do I have to volunteer in order to consign?

No, you do not have to volunteer in order to consign.  You will still earn your Consignor Pre-Sale Pass, a Guest Pass, a Half-Price Pass and earn 70% of your items sold.  Volunteering just offers additional perks and benefits.  See our Volunteer Benefits page.  We are very appreciative of all our volunteers and welcome your help!


What will I receive in exchange for volunteering my time?

Jack & Jill offers different shift levels to allow you to choose the amount of time that work best for your schedule.  As you increase levels, your perks increase as well.  You will also be able to shop at a private “Volunteer Only” Pre-Sale which is held before the Consignor Pre-Sale.  See our Volunteer Benefits page.



What do volunteers do?

Jack & Jill volunteers perform a variety of tasks including: item inspection, sale set-up and break-down, floor help, merchandise prep, and basic customer service. 


Do I need to have prior experience?

Do not worry if you haven’t been a volunteer with us before, we’ll show you what to do! Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your shift for a little training.


If I’m pregnant or have a medical condition is it OK for me to be a volunteer?

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, you will want to participate when the workload is less.  We have several shifts available with jobs that can be done sitting down if you require.  If you need these positions, please email Tracy with your request when registering, and we will try to accommodate your request.  But please make sure to clear all activity with your doctor prior to participating—we want all our volunteers to be safe.


May I bring my children with me during my shift?

It will be too difficult for you to work and watch the little ones at the same time.


What days/times are available to volunteer?

Volunteer shifts begin on the first day of set-up to the last day of break-down.  You can find all the volunteers shifts on the Volunteer page.  Visit our Volunteer Shifts page for the complete list.


What if I want to change my shift?

You are allowed to change or cancel your shift without penalty up to the first day of Drop-off.  To change your shift, please call Becca at 616-450-8140.


What will happen if I do not complete my scheduled shift?

If you are unable to complete your scheduled shift, please contact Tracy to reschedule that shift.  If you have already shopped at the Pre-Sale and you do not attempt to make up your shift (either by you or another person), your percentage will reverse–30% to you and 70% to Jack & Jill.


Can my husband volunteer to help at the sale instead of me?

We would be happy to put your spouse to work in your place!  With the addition of our Adult Home Goods Sale we can use the manpower any day throughout the sale.   We can also use the muscle on our set-up and breakdown shifts.   See our Volunteer Benefits page.  Just think, he’ll do the work and you get to shop!


Can another family member volunteer to help at the sale instead of me?

We would be happy to accept another family member to work in your place (however, they must be 16 years or older).  Example, we have had several moms who graciously worked for their pregnant daughters, and then gave them the Volunteer Pre-Sale Pass.


What should I wear?

Please consider comfort and ease of motion above fashion and flair. Most volunteers choose to wear comfortable pants such as jeans and a comfortable shirt, such as a short sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirt (and if you have a Jack & Jill shirt, by all means please wear it!).  Also, shoes that give good support and comfort, such as tennis shoes, are highly encouraged.  Don’t worry–we know you’ll look fabulous!


What should I bring?

Please note that the shifts are 6 hours long so you are welcome to bring a snack (one that can be carried with you while you work) and a drink.  Plus, bring your smile and your patience—shoppers can be crazy! 

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