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Thank you in advance for volunteering your valuable time.  Jack & Jill would not be possible without the help received from our AWESOME volunteers.  We have been blessed with the most AMAZING group of women (and few men!) who work this sale.  We have numerous volunteers that have been with us for many years and they are always the first to sign up at each sale.  If you have never volunteered before, we hope you will consider doing so.  Yes, there are benefits to volunteering such as shopping early, but there is definitely more to it than that.  We all have so much fun working the sale and being a part of the Jack & Jill family.  We want to ensure that everyone is served well and that they leave Jack & Jill having a better day than when they arrived.  Volunteers make that happen!

What do volunteers do?

  • Volunteers are a vital part of our sale and help in every aspect of making the sale run smoothly.  There is a job for everyone.
  • At drop-off, volunteers may be putting clothing and items out on the floor after they are checked for quality as well as organizing the floor as new items arrive.
  • During the sale, volunteers make sure the racks and tables are orderly and tidy.  They watch for clothing that has fallen on the floor, as well as customers that need assistance.  As things sell, they will be consolidating racks and tables for a better presentation.
  • During sorting, volunteers assist in breaking all the clothing and items back into consignor numbers.  We have a great system for this and the volunteers make it happen very quickly!
  • Most importantly, our volunteers make everyone—from a consignor at drop-off to a customer at the actual sale—feel like they are #1!

Why volunteer?

  • Our volunteers are the very first group to shop the sale, giving them the very best selection on all of the great deals.
  • Volunteers earn extra perks and higher percentages. (Dependent on shifts).
  • Volunteer shifts are 6 hours long, so you can choose your shifts to fit your availability.
  • It’s a great way to meet other moms in the area.
  • It’s A LOT OF FUN!  We know your time is valuable and we are honored you choose to spend some of it with us.  If you have never volunteered before, give it a shot.  We think you will LOVE it!


  • Shifts are a minimum of 6 hours each.
  • You must be a registered consignor to volunteer for a shift.
  • If you are a registered consignor, a husband or parent may fulfill your volunteer shift and you may use the Pre-Sale Pass, but please let us know who we should expect.  (Husbands are great for set-up day or breakdown).
  • Each volunteer will receive one Pre-Sale Pass (for Friday), one Guest Pass (for Friday), and one Half-Price Sale Pass (for Thursday).
  • Volunteers must be 17 years or older.
  • Volunteers can NOT bring children with them for their shift.
  • Volunteers should be physically able to perform the duties described in the shift description that they register for. If you have physical limitations, but would still like to volunteer, please contact us so we can find a shift to best suit your abilities.

While we appreciate any volunteer, Jack & Jill basically pays volunteers a bonus for their time.  If you volunteer, we are counting on you to follow through on your commitment.  If you are unable to make your volunteer shift, please try to find someone else to cover it, as we greatly depend on our volunteers!  If you are unable to make your volunteer shift but you have already shopped the Pre-Sale, and you are unable to find someone to cover your shift, your consignor percentage will be reversed—30% to you and 70% to Jack & Jill.  Please understand that these guidelines have been put in place to maintain a high quality sale.

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